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Your customers are in competition. Small and large enterprises are faced with huge challenges in the current economic situation and need to redefine themselves if they are to prosper in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Increasingly, businesses need to leave the well-trodden

paths of their industry and explore new market opportunities and technologies. They also need software that optimizes their resources to provide cutting-edge innovations.

One-size-fits-all or customized? Innovative enterprises need software for controlling corporate tasks that is as future-oriented

and individual as the enterprises themselves, and at affordable costs not typically found with customized software. BASIS offers the solution. Our modular ERP system, AddonSoftware® by Barista®, combines the best of both worlds – an ERP framework with ready-made modules that serve as a foundation for proprietary solutions to a large develop

Quickbooks Hosting

Share Quickbooks Pro, Premier and Accountants Edition with our Quickbooks Terminal Server. Purchase our Software as a Service plan and license your Intuit products on a monthly

basis; get free version upgrades every year. Not sure which Quickbooks plan to get; compare our Quickbooks plans or call a sales engineer to find out which plan fits your needs. Watch this demo to see how easy it is to run Quickbooks right from your web browser.

Host All Your Applications - Not Just Quickbooks Get the only Quickbooks hosting solution that allows you to install any and all of your applications in one place. Share with your coworkers or customers any Windows applications.

Office Virtualization

As seen on nationally syndicated television programs, USA Today® and over 90 university campuses across the country, ManageMore business management

software solutions help you get where you want to go with the world's most affordable and best Windows-based multi-location designed business program of its kind. Features include full accounting, inventory control software, CRM software, point of sale and invoicing software, billing software, email software, web-based shopping cart

software, RMA software, contact manager, task scheduler, time and attendance, payroll, document management system and much more for small to midsize business...

Office Virtualization

Install and run any Windows based accounting application with our Virtual Office Network plans. These plans, based on our Virtual Dedicated Server, comes with Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 pre-installed. Each Virtual Terminal Server is

pre-configured, enabling multiple simultaneous users to access their applications using a web browser or Remote Desktop Connection, included in every version of Windows. Access your server and run any application from a Macintosh, Linux computer or web browser anywhere, anytime!

Infinitely Virtual offers a wide variety of hosting plans to fit any situation. If you cannot find a plan that fits your requirements, or you need assitance selecting a plan. Simply call and discuss your requirements with a pre-sales systems engineer.

Accounting / ERP
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