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Cloud Computing: Still The Best Value In It

04/09/2018   |    News  |     Comments (0)

Cloud Computing: Still The Best Value In It

In the upper reaches of the IT realm—the corporate sector where requisitions for gear, software and services often exceed a year’s revenue for a typical small business—there’s a bit of a backlash brewing. The scuttlebutt is that expenditures for cloud computing services are beginning to break the bank. Perhaps underscoring that concern is a report from RightScale indicating that optimizing cloud costs is a top initiative across all cloud users, increasing to 58 percent from 53 percent in 2017. Moreover, in the upper reaches, getting a straight answer on pricing is becoming a dodgy proposition. Consider this from provider CloudHealth Technologies: “Once upon a time, compiling a cloud computing cost comparison was difficult. Now it is practically impossible. Whereas previously, you could select instances with similar configurations from the three major cloud service providers and line them up against each other, now you have Reserved Instances (AWS), Reserved VM Instances (Azure) and Committed Use Discounts (Google) influencing the calculations. There are also other, cheaper cloud service providers gaining traction in the market.” Read full story

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