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The Truth About Cloud Pricing

16/11/2018   |    News  |     Comments (0)

The Truth About Cloud Pricing

Within the last decade or so, cloud computing has had to earn its spurs as a viable, secure environment in which to compute and do business. As the cloud has matured and proliferated, its permutations (public, private, hybrid,) have made the simple proposition on which it was predicated for so long (on-premise or off-premise?) substantially less so. And as the migration decision has become more complex, and as the architecture has become more stable and secure, the business model has left some businesspeople scratching their heads.

Is the cloud still a bargain? What am I paying for, really? The cloud was born at a time when IT outlays were major pain points. Its pay-as-you-go model -- marked by minimal hardware expenditures and predictable monthly software rental fees -- was a refreshing break from what had become a crushing, cyclical status quo (buy iron, deploy, depreciate, then do it all over again). The conventional wisdom among businesses with significant IT investments is that cloud costs have been steadily creeping up of late. Among a certain set of vendors and their customers, that may well be the case -- as far as anyone can tell. As Frost & Sullivan has observed, it was once possible to line up with similar configurations from the three major cloud service providers. But now you have reserved instances (AWS, Amazon Web Services), reserved VM instances (Microsoft Azure) and committed use discounts (Google) affecting the outcomes. Read full story on Forbes

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