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16/11/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

The Truth About Cloud Pricing

Within the last decade or so, cloud computing has had to earn its spurs as a viable, secure environment in which to compute and do business. As the cloud has matured and proliferated, its permutations (public, private, hybrid,) have made the simple proposition on which it was predicated for so long (on-premise or off-premise?) substantially less so. And as the migration…

08/11/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Want new ways to outwit hacks?

—Reprinted with permission from PIA Management Services Inc.—  

The state of cybersecurity

  Adam Stern CEO, Infinitely Virtual   If awareness is a precursor to constructive change, the murky world of cybersecurity has notched some real, albeit incremental,…
21/09/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Adam Stern on the Entrepreneur’s Life: Tips from the Road

  • In today’s business world the central role of the customer has been lost. The customer’s role is the most important role. Customers should set the tempo. They should decide what’s most important to them. Businesses should be trying to address those things that pain them most. I believe that’s been lost today.
  • If our main selling point is that we’re cheaper or slightly faster,…
04/09/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Cloud Computing: Still The Best Value In It

In the upper reaches of the IT realm—the corporate sector where requisitions for gear, software and services often exceed a year’s revenue for a typical small business—there’s a bit of a backlash brewing. The scuttlebutt is that expenditures for cloud computing services are beginning to break the bank. Perhaps underscoring that concern is a report from RightScale indicating that optimizing cloud costs…
25/06/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

The Lesson of the GitHub DDoS Attack: Why Your Web Host Matters

Surviving a cyberattack isn’t like weathering a Cat 5 hurricane or coming through a 7.0 earthquake unscathed. Granting that natural disasters too often have horrendous consequences, there’s also a “right place, right time” element to making it through. Cyber-disasters – which can be every bit as calamitous in their own way as acts of nature – don’t typically bend to the element of chance.…
08/05/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

A quick look at cloud terminology

The more IT terms you understand, the more you can help your institution stay safe

  The cloud may be easier and more affordable than advertised, but it isn’t free. Still, computing horsepower is finally a virtual (or, perhaps more appropriately, a virtualization) bargain. It’s entirely possible for your college or university to spend $10K a month and tap enough…
27/03/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Cloud 101 for Real Estate Brokerages: Words to Live By

In my view, the IT vendor’s proper role is to showcase the powerful economic rationale for those in the real estate field to get out of the practice of buying/maintaining hardware that is obsolete practically before the paint is dry. And then to set an example, through grounded, customer-centric initiatives designed to simplify the cloud for these organizations – things like “on-boarding” services,…
21/03/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Cloud 101 for Real Estate Brokerages: Four Myths in Need of Retirement

Cloud migration involves placing applications (and potentially much more) off-premises and online, shifting the focus from locally-based technology to remote access and deployment.  While some real estate brokerages – local offices and parent firms -- are likely to continue buying hardware, the pace of cloud migration continues to accelerate as more and more applications become cloud-ready. What’s…
13/03/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Ransomware, Insurance Apps and the Public Cloud; Lessons for the Cloudless

In May of last year, the ransomware worm WannaCry fueled a massive attack that paralyzed some 300,000 computers in 150 countries, disabling systems at public hospitals throughout the U.K. along with those connected to Telefonica, the Spanish telecom provider, among other victims. The WannaCry ransomware…
21/02/2018   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Cyber: No Protection Against Complacency

While data is considerably safer these days in the cloud, no cyberinsurance policy can substitute for active vigilance. Cybersecurity insurance appears to be enjoying a heyday. While it’s been around for some time, the perceived need for it has never been greater, as DDoS attacks and major hacks grab headlines and fray nerves. As recently reported in The Hill, Lloyd’s…