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19/04/2016   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Does HIPAA Compliance Give A False Sense of Security?

While covered entities work toward HIPAA compliance, they still may find themselves vulnerable to healthcare data breaches. The fact that HIPAA compliance isn’t bulletproof – that cybersecurity frameworks around health information require a new level of vigilance – is now axiomatic. Perhaps owing to whatever legislative sausage-making gave birth to HIPAA, to protect the privacy…
15/03/2016   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

IT Healthcare Security: It Only Starts with HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is the Good Housekeeping® seal for IT organizations serving the healthcare sector. Isn’t it? The quick if not simple answer is yes – but. The HIPAA HITECH audit program analyzes various processes, controls and policies in the healthcare and health insurance arena, in keeping with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (“HITECH”) provisions of the American…
10/03/2016   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Clouds Over Seattle? Amazon and Microsoft Don’t Own the Sky

Fueled by hiccups from two oversized players, recent reports of the cloud’s death have been greatly exaggerated. To the degree tech pundits have been checking its pulse, the cloud is presumed to hover in a fixed point somewhere near the Space Needle. As the new year progresses, it’s become abundantly clear that Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services are not the cloud. The cloud exists precisely…
01/03/2016   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Security in the Cloud: Strategies for Coping and Conquering

It’s now part of the conventional wisdom that cloud computing has altered the IT delivery model. The steady embrace of the cloud among businesses large and small does not, however, mean that organizations can or should let their guard down on matters of security and data protection. While cloud server hosting provides compelling benefits, security is an essential part of any discussion of cloud adoption.…
26/02/2016   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

Every Revolution Deserves a Backlash: Why the Cloud’s Moment May Have Arrived (And Why That’s Probably a Good Thing)

“Obviously there will be a backlash. If you believe the hype you have to believe a backlash too. Any criticism we get is always stuff we’ve already criticized ourselves.” – Johnny Greenwood, Radiohead I’m with Johnny. I’m fully expecting a cloud computing backlash, if it’s not already happening. The backlash really isn’t about architecture but about language. Any day now, the trend-setters will…
20/01/2016   |   Tags: Press  |   Comments (0)

HostReview Ranks Infinitely Virtual Among Best Cloud Service Providers of 2015

Annual Web Host Awards Recognize Leading IaaS Company For Overall Excellence in Cloud Hosting LOS ANGELES (January 20, 2016) – Leading cloud service provider Infinitely Virtual announced today that the company has been ranked 6th among the foremost players in the cloud hosting space for 2016, according to HostReview’s Best Cloud Computing Providers Awards (http://www.hostreview.com/awards/2015/cloud-service).…
04/01/2016   |   Tags: News  |   Comments (0)

IT Security Needs To Be A Verb For Manufacturers

Hacking doesn’t happen only to other people. While last spring’s notorious Sony hack may have implied that the biggest targets are the most vulnerable, any organization can be a victim — and, perhaps surprisingly, an unwitting perpetrator. I’m talking to you, IT infrastructure companies. As a class of business, IT providers may be hip to risk as a matter of course, but they aren’t exempt from…
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System Status: Operational

Status System Notes
Normal vCenter vCenter is operating…
02/01/2016   |   Tags: System Status  |   Comments (0)

System Status: Operational with Exceptions

Status System Notes
Normal vCenter vCenter is operating…
26/12/2015   |   Tags: System Status  |   Comments (0)

System Status: Operational

Status System Notes
Normal vCenter vCenter is operating…