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20/08/2019   |   0

Cybersecurity Activism: A Wake-Up Call for Every Small Business Owner

By Adam Stern | Business.com

There’s often a tacit sense of accomplishment when something once on the margins goes mainstream. Mobile payments, cutting the cord, home automation, that kind of thing. 

Cyberattacks are increasing and their effect is widespread

Cyberattacks are an exception. It’s not that they haven’t gone mainstream; they have, and with a vengeance, but there’s zero satisfaction in their newly entrenched status. While technology providers are obviously on the hook, mainstream businesses – small businesses in particular – aren’t mere bystanders.

A handful of recent headlines underscore the point. According to a recent CNBC report, “Hacks are affecting everyday life … cyberattacks on supply chains, governments and financial institutions are bad for not only those directly affected but also customers, suppliers and residents,” the network said, citing tax delays and canceled home sales as among the “costly ripple effects” of porous cybersecurity.

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