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23/08/2019   |   0

The State Of Cloud Confusion: Who’s Your Cloud Built For?

Adam Stern | Forbes Technology Council

Today’s question: How does a business get into the cloud? 

It’s not a trick question. It’s actually a freighted question with any number of nuanced answers — and, appearances aside, not every business is already cloud-aware or cloud-bound.

Let’s assume you’re a small or midsize business poised to make the move and that you’re working with a clean slate, even at this late date. Do you dial up a managed service provider that’s moonlighting? Track down an IT consultant linked to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services? Go directly into the big provider maw? Keep it boutique? 

There’s no immediate wrong answer here, which can be both reassuring and vexing. With the cloud’s ubiquity, identifying your path has become harder, not easier, with the passage of time.  I’ve seen this tale told by consultants, full of static and noise, and frequently not signifying anything definitive. Given that the temptation is to do what’s convenient, not what’s smart, perhaps that opening question should be rephrased as: What’s the state of confusion today?

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