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How do our customers rate us? Find out here.

It's impossible to list every nice thing our customers say about us. Here are just a few.

Greg Marvel - Transtraks

“Our company offers transportation software for school district[s] in the U.S. Previously, our software was installed on servers maintained by the school districts. We saw a need to offer a hosted solution for our software. We did a review of the various companies that offer server rental services and found that Infinitely Virtual offered the best prices and services. We selected a package that allows us to host our software via Terminal Services.”

Jim Brennecke - American Multifam.

“Adam and his team of highly-skilled IT experts were referred to me as consultants several years ago to assist in managing the tremendous growth in IT infrastructure required by my company - projects that were too large to undertake alone. They assisted me every step of the way, from system design and product specification, to installation and maintenance of our current systems.”

Marshall O'Keefe - NTD Architecture

“We were running a Microsoft Exchange 2000 email system across 7 sites with about 200 users. The system was no longer supported by Microsoft and in dire need of replacement, but we did not have the staff nor the budget to deploy a new Exchange 2007 environment in-house. We researched [of] several of the top companies in the Exchange Hosting limelight...and decided to go with Infinitely Virtual’s Privately Hosted Exchange.”

Bryan Epler - Epler Studios

“I needed to get away from the shared hosting environments that provide very little in the way of control. I needed a Windows 2008 server that I could completely manage with the software and framework that I wanted. My new server needed to be able to run hosting for several of my websites, including the use of SQL Server. Most companies charge a significant amount just for the use of SQL Server...”

What our customers are saying

in general

“If you ask me to rate between 1 to 10, I will say 10.”

“I am really impressed...”

“Yes, my original requirements were met...I have now decided to move my email service to Infinitely as well.”

“I was quite surprised at the ease of implementation.... I was up and running with all my software and users within a week and it's been a breeze to maintain.”

“I'm am very satisfied with Infinitely Virtual because it takes the burden of physically managing hardware and upgrades off my hands.”

“Very easy to both implement and maintain.”

“Extremely satisfied! I wish I had found this technology years ago.”

“The technology offered is perfect...The pricing is very competitive. The service is first-class.”

“When we first purchased the servers we were expecting the worst. After months of running with virtually no issues we have come to love the 100% uptime.”

“Yes, they are great. Easy and friendly.”

“The technology is effective.”

“I have recommended the technology to other IT people and will continue to do so.”

“We are extremely satisfied with Infinitely Virtual.”

“We started with just 4 users and a simple config. When I saw how easy the system was to use, I immediately put all 3 or our offices on it. Works great and is blazing fast. Data is safer with them than with me, and I don't have to pay a computer tech an hourly rate to keep us up and running.”

“Cant say enough about how easy it was. I am not a tech savvy guy, and needed to put myself and 12 employees on it. Needless to say, I did it in an evening. Yeah, it is really easy. Maintaining the system is something I don't have to worry about, that is the point. IV will make having your own hardware obsolete.”

“Extremely satisfied. Love the company, love the people working there, and most of all, love what it has done to my bottom line. No more expensive server array, no more expensive computers, and I can access my data and my business anywhere. I can't imagine my company without them now, simply amazing!!!”

“Performance is better than what I had before.”

“Very (satisfied). I have recommended it for other clients.”

“Dead easy, and service has been great.”

“Very easy to implement and maintain....Very satisfied with Infinitely Virtual technology.”

about our tech support

“Instant. I don't have any more words to say about their technical support.”

“The support has been every thing I needed.”

“...I required technical support at an odd hour and I was surprised at how available they were and that they bothered to follow up afterwards.”

“They have never let me down. Always have excellent suggestions and quick fixes.”

“Recently we needed a second IP address to install an SSL cert on a sub-domain on our Platinum server. Like many of IV's competitors I was expecting long wait times and technical service tickets, but even though I was calling a 9:00 pm EST, within 5 minutes I had my second IP up and ready to roll.”

“I got {NAME OMITTED} on the line within a minute and my problem was solved promptly...He knew exactly what I needed in both situations and I was able to concentrate on maintaining my Web sites, and not having to worry about my hosting.”

“...never have stumped them and they always have a solution.”

“Very quickly. Thanks for making that easy!”

“They have always responded in 5 mins or less.”

“They actually contacted me before I was aware of the problem.”

about our sales engineers

“Very (satisfied), actually made it a point to let your guys know. If I recall correctly, your sales and engineering people are either cross trained or the same people, great move.”

“Extremely knowledgeable and able to work out an unexpected solution for me that was much better than I had planned.”

“Very knowledgeable. My questions were answered quickly and precisely. I was relieved that I wasn't being fed nonsense just to get me to sign up.”

“Very professional and courteous. The salesman I spoke with talked clearly and confidently.”

“All my questions were answered in detail.”

about our competitors

“I have brought my system up on other services. A Parallels system was a disaster, wasted a week, but got my money back.”

“Quicker than GoDaddy, Host Department, Network Solutions, One & One, Host Gator or any of the other poorly maintained providers.”

“As of right now. If I had to go into a Web hosting battle or and application server war, Infinitely Virtual would be my only defense. I take this company and don't look back. IV is hands down the best hosting company I have ever used. And I have used many!”

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