20 Experts Share Predictions for Cloud in 2020 and Beyond

Dec 19, 2019 by Daniel Hein | Solutions Review

As part of our Cloud Insight Jam, we got in touch with several experts and asked for their predictions on cloud computing in 2020. These experts represent the top cloud vendors, cloud solutions providers, and IT software companies, and have decades of combined experience with operating solutions inside the cloud. We’ve compiled 26 quotes from 20 experts on where they see the field of cloud in 2020 and beyond.

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Adam Stern, Founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual

Users Might Turn on Hyperscale Cloud Providers

“A growing number of users who gravitated to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or other “one-stop” commodity providers are on the verge of turning negative on the cloud. They’re looking for vendors to help them do what they originally sought from cloud computing: that is, save on everything from engineering to equipment to support by delivering a truly turnkey offering. This disaffection is tied less to cloud computing as a concept or a platform than to issues around execution; today’s commodity cloud simply doesn’t have everything baked-in, as the early adopters experienced.”

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