Addressing Full Range of Business Processes, Infinitely Virtual Partners with ManageMore

Cloud Server Provider to Support Virtualized Infrastructure For Comprehensive Suite of Business Applications

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 18, 2014) – Leading cloud server provider Infinitely Virtual today announced a strategic partnership with ManageMore ( for its full line of business management software solutions.

ManageMore business management software solutions help organizations get where they want to go with the most affordable Windows-based multi-location designed business program of its kind. Features include full accounting, inventory control software, CRM software, point of sale and invoicing software, billing software, email software, web-based shopping cart software, RMA software, contact manager, task scheduler, time and attendance, payroll, document management system and much more for small to midsize business.

Working with Infinitely Virtual, ManageMore has virtualized its products, which are engineered for nearly every type of industry and operation: retail, wholesale, manufacturing, ecommerce, mail order, distribution, government, and service, among other sectors.

“As befits our name, we help small businesses simply do more – more effectively — across the full spectrum of their operations,” said Douglas Ibarra, President, ManageMore. “Thanks to our strategic partnership with Infinitely Virtual, clients no longer need to think about things like networks, computers, backup and all the technical details that tend to bog them down. Now, our clients can assign their employees to activities that foster growth and actually cross-sell in real time.”

The ManageMore portfolio includes:

• Business Software for Accounting and Finance: Control the business with financial, reporting and business management features to help owners run their small business better and provide the backbone for the rest of their operations.

• Business Software for Supply Chain Management. Improve the efficiency of inventory
control, minimize efforts in procurement practices with vendors, and streamline invoice/sales order processes with customers for a lasting SCM experience.

• Business Management Software for CRM. Enhance sales, marketing and customer service teams with tools that can generate more revenue opportunities and increase customer satisfaction.

• Business Management Software for Point of Sale. Automate and modernize sales to customers by interfacing with the latest hardware technologies, which provide convenience, reduce data errors, and give a professional look to any retail establishment.

• Business Management Software for eCommerce. Build a powerful and effective Internet sales portal for an e-business with full integration between theWeb storefront and back-end supply chain processes.

• Business Software for Industry Specific Solutions. Learn what industry-specific applications are available to integrate with ManageMore business solutions.

• Business Management Software Add-Ons. Explore the many optional software modules that can boost productivity to the next level.

“Virtualization is a real facilitator for ManageMore,” Ibarra said. “ManageMore users need to have 100 percent uptime and typically need to support tens of thousands of transactions and several hundred concurrent users, all with a small footprint backbone. Virtualization, through Infinitely Virtual, is the key to this vision.”

“ManageMore and our cloud server hosting environment are perfectly matched,” said Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual. “Each makes the other even more capable, providing higher availability to clients and extending the reach of an entire suite of business processes, integrated into one easy-to-use solution. The physical data center is no longer a factor – ManageMore customers can increase or decrease bandwidth, right-sizing based on changes in business. That’s a recipe for sustained business growth.”

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Infinitely Virtual is a leading provider of high quality and affordable Cloud Server technology, capable of delivering services to any type of business, via terminal servers, SharePoint servers and SQL servers – all based on Cloud Servers. TouchCloud™, the company’s latest offering, combines Windows 2012 Server and Windows 8 or 8.1 touch-screen capabilities, automatically touch-enabling all Windows 8/8.1 applications in the cloud. The company was established as a subsidiary of Altay Corporation, and through this partnership, Infinitely Virtual provides customers with expert 24×7 technical support. More information about Infinitely Virtual can be found at: or call 866-257-8455.

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