Amazon is More a ‘Giant Dust Cloud’ than Worthy Leader in Cloud Computing

Adam Stern | Channel Futures

Amazon, that mighty river of e-commerce and cloud computing, recently sprung a leak. You may have heard about it.

When an errant keystroke from an AWS engineer took down the world’s largest public cloud for five hours on Feb. 28, the glitch exposed a fundamental truth: the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

Those on the receiving end of that typo-generated AWS outage were not amused. It turns out that Amazon, the cloud industry’s behemoth – with a very fat 31 percent share of the market – is accountable neither to users nor Internet at large. The moral is simple: bigger is not necessarily safer. Or as Yaron Haviv, co-founder of Israel-based big data cloud provider iguazio put it in SiliconANGLEthe real question is: why have we created such a dependency on services such as AWS?”

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