Choose the Right Anti-Spam Solution for Your Business

As it becomes increasingly harder for a company to function in today’s climate without electronic media and internet capabilities, more and more offices are becoming prone to spam. Spam is defined as the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Without a doubt, email-spam accounts for the largest number of spam threats, but there are many other mediums through which electronic spam can be sent as well. Operating a business without anti-spam protection can be extremely risky, and as such, any office manager will find owning, installing, and updating a company-wide anti-spam solution mandatory to maintain a safe business. Those looking to procure anti-spam software should consider cost-effectiveness, user friendliness, and performance when choosing an anti-spam that fits their business needs.

Cost Effectiveness:
The average price for anti-spam software runs about $39.95/computer, or every five computers depending on which software provider and company the product is purchased from. Many high end anti-spam software developers and distributors have bulk-packages for office settings, yet the pricing tends to fluctuate often. Prices can hover around $250.00, yet the total price could be far more expensive, or far less, depending on which developer is used, which distributor it is purchased from, and how many computers need initializations. There seems to be a competitive market targeted toward offices using cloud hosting technologies which give the buyer a discount for having the spam-ware installed on a cloud server, however this is a relatively new procedure and many developers and distributors still don’t have this option.

User Friendliness:
One of the key factors in choosing anti-spam software is user friendliness, i.e. the ease in which the user can choose the options in which the spam is filtered, blocked and discarded; the accessibility in the customizable options, if there are any; and the types of email platforms that are supported: POP3, MSN, Hotmail, MAPI, etc. While most anti-spam software is compatible with POP3, MSN, Hotmail, and MAPI, there are still many email types that are much harder to get anti-spam software for, such as Gmail. However, there are anti-spam programs that are compatible with cloud-based email types. When purchasing anti-spam software, one should invest some time into researching the user-friendliness and customizable options of the particular software being purchased.

With more and more inappropriate email forwards, viruses, and scams that could prove financially fatal, an office without anti-spam software installed, and regularly updated and monitored, will ultimately suffer. However, investigating the user-friendliness and cost effectiveness of a developer and distributor’s anti-spam software will help when choosing the right program for a functioning offices employees.

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