Cloud 101 For Medical Practices: Lingo To Master

Adam Stern | Health IT Outcomes

This is the second of a two-part series. Check out part one here.

Healthcare delivery is complex enough; most medical practices would prefer not to wade into the fog of IT, especially given just how obtuse the tech world has become. For those practices making the shift from an in-house solution to the cloud, getting the language right is crucial. Familiarizing yourself with some basic terminology won’t turn you into an expert, but it can provide a grounding in the fundamentals which can make you a wiser IT consumer and perhaps a more savvy user.

Public Cloud? Private Cloud? Hybrid Cloud?

As the cloud has expanded, it more or less subdivided: private (that is, proprietary or internal to one organization), public (in which service providers make applications and storage available to any business over the Internet, typically for a monthly usage fee), and hybrid (a blend of both). Put another way, some of your workload is under your control, some outside of your control, and some situations mix the two.

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