Cloud Basics for Medical Practices: Words to Live By – and Clichés to Bury

Adam Stern | Healthcare Business Today

Healthcare delivery is tough enough; most medical practices would prefer not to wade into the fog of IT, especially given just how obtuse the tech world has become.  For those practices making the shift from an in-house solution to the cloud, getting the language right is Job #1. Familiarizing yourself with some basic terminology won’t turn you into an expert but it can provide a grounding in the fundamentals – which can make you into a wiser IT consumer and perhaps a more savvy user. 

By the same token, myths and clichés about the cloud – as about any subject — are the status quo’s best friend. It’s difficult to embrace changes in business technology when some of the most basic assumptions surrounding it are obsolete, misguided or simply unfounded.  Exploding these fake facts ought to be Job #2.

Let’s look briefly at each, in turn:  First, some lingo you’ll need to know:

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