Cybersecurity Trends in 2020: Cloud Security

Jan 7, 2020 by Tamara Scott | Technology Advice

Cloud computing has dominated our collective business consciousness over the last 10 years. Unfortunately, as the image above shows, cloud computing security’s popularity pales in comparison. While organizations and individuals have spent the last decade moving data from on-premise servers to the cloud or hybrid environments, they often take the security of that migration for granted.

We spoke to cybersecurity experts about the changing landscape of cloud security for 2020. These are their assessments of our current risks and how organizations should prepare themselves.

Advice for securing cloud storage in 2020

The experts we spoke with emphasized cooperation between organizations and their cloud providers. They agreed that a lack of communication about services, security protocols, and expectations would increase the risk.

However, Adam Stern, founder and CEO of Infinitely Virtual wants to temper the threat of cloud computing. He says, “…the cloud has matured and is (finally) a highly secure place to do business. The cloud now has the procedures, tools, and safeguards that make it among the safest places to be during a cyber-storm.” But these guardrails can only go so far.

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