Embrace BYOD, Don’t Shun It, Infinitely Virtual CEO Advises IT Establishment; Trend Seen as Boosting Desktop-as-a-Service Model

Bring Your Own Device is Here to Stay, Says Infinitely Virtual’s Adam Stern – ‘Just Don’t Forget to Bring Your Own Security’

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (October 2, 2012) – In some circles, BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device – a business trend on a fast trajectory – might be better labeled Bring Your Own Security Breach. As the use of personal tablets and smartphones in the enterprise increases, businesses are struggling to strike the proper balance between employee freedom of choice and the need to protect data.

BYOD advocates believe employees can be more efficient if they use the mobile device they’re most accustomed to, but many IT executives would trade unfettered use of personal devices for the promise of data security.
For Adam Stern, founder and CEO of cloud hosting specialist Infinitely Virtual (www.infinitelyvirtual.com), BYOD offers a twist on the old adage, “trust, but verify.” In Stern’s view, businesses don’t need to fear BYOD if they plan ahead. Indeed, he says, they can make BYOD work for their organizations and their employees, but they must begin by recognizing BYOD as a strategic opportunity – one that opens the door to the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) model. DaaS provides the ability to take all corporate data residing on every machine accessing the data center, virtualize each desktop, and host it remotely.

WHO: Adam Stern is an entrepreneur who saw the value of virtualization and cloud computing more than five years ago. Stern’s company helps businesses move from obsolete hardware investments to an IaaS [Infrastructure as a Service] cloud platform, providing them the flexibility and scalability to transition select data operations from in-house to the cloud. Stern founded Infinitely Virtual in 2007, to provide virtual dedicated server solutions to growing enterprises. The company has grown exponentially through its offering affordable, customized cloud-based solutions, using the most sophisticated technology available. Host Review named the company to its list of “Top Ten Fastest Growing” enterprises in 2011. More information about Infinitely Virtual can be found at: http://www.infinitelyvirtual.com or by calling 866-257-8455.

WHAT: Says Stern: “BYOD is here to stay. It’s now possible to have your device and protect your data, too. Desktop-as-a-Service addresses security concerns by bringing all data into the cloud and offers a viable solution for both. DaaS allows the flexibility and global accessibility that BYOD users want, and provides a platform that multiple devices can access.

“The influx of personal devices and cloud hosting DaaS should be regarded as a boon for forward-thinking companies looking to stay on the cutting edge. BYOD promises improved employee satisfaction and productivity, and a very enticing affordability in a post big-box PC world. By virtualizing the desktop via cloud hosting, enterprises can save money by eliminating the need to change out the software on every single device.

“The ability to communicate effectively and work efficiently remains the driving force behind BYOD, from an employee POV. While there’s no panacea for every security issue, cloud computing and DaaS offer solutions that address both current and future concerns — how data is accessed, how security protocols are controlled and automated, and where corporate data is stored.”

WHY: Thanks largely to the momentum behind BYOD, the number of mobile devices under management is increasing at a “massive” 300 percent-plus clip, according to data from cloud provider CenterBeam. Juniper Research estimates that 350 million employees worldwide will be using their own devices in the workplace by 2014. Gartner goes even further, calling the growth of BYOD programs “the single most radical shift in the economics of client computing for business since PCs invaded the workplace.”

HOW: To speak with Adam Stern, contact Ken Greenberg, Edge Communications, Inc., 323-469-3397, or email ken@edgecommunicationsinc.com.

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