Ensuring Fair Weather in the Cloud for Your Virtual Applications

While small and midsize businesses are often keen to move their applications to the cloud, the benefits of cloud migration don’t simply rain down from the sky. In order to take advantage of the flexibility (and cost savings) of virtual server hosting, organizations need to address some common challenges.

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps businesses can take to enable successful transition of applications to the cloud.

The first step is determining which applications to move to a virtual server. As with any IT project, businesses must balance risk and reward, cost and benefit. They must assess the cost/benefit of moving the application to a cloud server, assess its technical suitability for the cloud, and manage the migration process to ensure success.

When weighing the costs of deploying particular applications to the cloud, SMBs need to consider such factors as resource use. Applications that are expensive to run internally, either because of resource requirements or operations support costs — are ideal candidates for virtual servers.

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