Going Global but Still Thinking Local: Infinitely Virtual Unveils Boston Hosting Facility, Serving the East Coast — and Western Europe

With an eye toward serving the expanding Infrastructure as a Server (IaaS) market in the Eastern U.S. and Western Europe, we at Infinitely Virtual are delighted to announce that our Boston-based hosting facility has opened for business.

The facility, located at 70 Innerbelt Road in Somerville, complements our primary data center in Los Angeles and represents a strategic watershed for the company. Last year, we began building out a primary hosting facility in the Boston area, largely to support small and midsize businesses on the East Coast and beyond. Now, when you select any Infinitely Virtual hosting plan, you can designate your preferred hosting facility.

With the opening of the Boston site, we’ve attained a new level as a player in the virtualization space. We’ve made it our mission to showcase the powerful economic rationale for small and midsize companies to get out of the business of buying and maintaining hardware that is obsolete even before it’s delivered. Instead, we’ve created products and services that ease and expedite the cloud migration process. Now, businesses on the Eastern seaboard, the upper Midwest and even in markets like London and Paris can take advantage of our customer-centric approach to cloud hosting.

We believe that our expansion affirms the growing importance of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. We’re especially excited to be able to extend our offerings to companies active in Western Europe. According to a recent poll of CIOs conducted by Morgan Stanley and reported by IDG News, corporate budgets in the U.S. and Europe are finally experiencing a real uptick, due in part to the growth of cloud computing, ERP and analytics.

Data from Gartner, Inc. affirms that trend: the public cloud services market worldwide grew by more than 18.5 percent last year. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) — including cloud compute, storage and print services — continued as the fastest-growing segment of the market.

On both coasts, every Infinitely Virtual server is hosted in our exclusive, all-virtual Enterprise Virtualization EnvironmentTM, featuring best-in-class VMware virtual server hosting. E.V.E. enables the company to deliver applications to customers of any size with the same level of performance. Infinitely Virtual can right-size hosting solutions, offering very competitive pricing, without the need to sacrifice uptime or data protection.

Recently ranked by HostReview as #10 on the “best hosting providers” list, Infinitely Virtual is dedicated to making virtualization accessible to every small and midsize business – quite literally, wherever they may be.

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