How to Future-Proof Your Business with Cloud Computing

The recent global changes have shown us that there is truly no substitute for cloud computing. Businesses in every industry have relied on the cloud in some way to continue their operations through this challenging time. Those who were early adopters of the cloud were set up for an easier transition to remote work when the shutdowns were announced. Those who were tied to their in-house infrastructure had to pivot quickly to remain in business.

Now businesses are reopening across the country, but the future is still uncertain. Spikes in virus cases are causing states to reconsider their plans to reopen, and we are already hearing reports that we may experience more shutdowns if the number of new virus cases continues to grow. Perhaps this will happen, perhaps it won’t. Either way, you need to be prepared.

The truth is, the pandemic is the current storm, but it won’t be the only storm. Cloud computing offers myriad opportunities to future-proof your company against another global crisis, or simply against competition. With cloud adoption rates skyrocketing year after year, it is less a question of whether or not to leverage the cloud, and more a question of when you’ll make the switch.

Let’s discuss how you can utilize the power of the cloud in your business now and in the future.

Identify What Needs to Change

While it is true that the cloud offers many options to enhance security, productivity, scalability, and more, you must lock in on your specific needs.
Do you have aging infrastructure that needs to be replaced? Have you discovered that your team needs better remote work capabilities? Do you need to ensure that your team can still work if you lose power in the office? If you are unsure of what exactly you need, contact a trusted cloud provider with questions.

Get Real About Price

A myth about cloud computing is that it costs more than traditional in-house IT infrastructure. This is not the case. Once you factor in the cost of liability coverage, security risks, and consistent replacement of broken or outdated hardware, you will find that in-house solutions almost always cost more than the cloud.

Cloud computing offers flexibility when it comes to pricing. For example, you can scale the amount of storage and space you need on the platform, which means that you only pay for what you use. When you use in-house servers, you not only pay for space you may not use, but you have to buy additional hardware every time you add new software to your stack.

An easy way to understand the cost-savings of the cloud is to consider that in-house solutions are almost always capital expenditures, while cloud computing can be classified as an operational expenditure. With the cloud, you have no surprises – you know what the cost is for all your hosting and user needs, and you no longer have to factor in surprise replacement or maintenance costs.

Invest in Managed IT

When you outsource your IT to your cloud provider, you give yourself the freedom to focus all your attention back on your business.
Managed IT can be done remotely, and is executed by the same professionals who are in charge of your cloud environment. They know the infrastructure intimately and can therefore take care of any issues before they disrupt your business operations.

Recognize the Remote Work Reality

If there’s anything this pandemic taught us it’s that people prefer remote work. Fancy, sprawling offices may become a thing of the past as the number of companies leveraging remote work continues to grow.

Effective remote work is made possible through cloud computing. Whether it’s hosting apps, file sharing, increased security measures, or comprehensive office virtualization, the capabilities of the cloud provide businesses all they need to continue their work whether in-office or at home.

Embrace the Benefits

Cloud computing offers increased flexibility, scalability and security, as well as decreased cost and security risks. It allows for greater productivity across all departments in your company and assures business continuity in times of crisis.

With its ever-increasing popularity in nearly every industry, cloud computing is bound to be the future of business. It is essential during tough times and an effective ally in your company’s pursuit of greater prosperity.
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