How to Manage an InfiniteApp Dedicated Plan

This video demonstrates how to login and manage your InfiniteApp Dedicated plan.

Hello and welcome to this Infinitely Virtual training video. In this tutorial we will learn how to manage a Dedicated InfiniteApp Terminal Server. The InfiniteApp portal can be accessed from any browser on Windows and Mac OSX. Apps are also available for Android and iPad devices from the Android market and the Apple app store. This documentation was prepared using Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7. The process is similar using other browsers and other versions of Windows.

Open a web browser and go to Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘InfiniteApp login.’ The vWorkspace connection client has to be downloaded and installed before logging into the InfiniteApp. To download the client for Windows, click on the ‘Downloads’ tab. Click on the ‘vWorkspace connector for Windows’ link. Click ‘Run.’ Wait while the installer silently installs the vWorkspace connector. This can take a few minutes. After the installation is completed, click on ‘Yes’ to reboot the computer. After the computer reboots, open up a web browser and go to Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘InfiniteApp Login.’ Enter your username and password, then click ‘Logon.’ An icon with your server’s name followed by ‘desktop’ will be displayed. Click on this icon to login to your terminal server. After the login completes, you will be logged in to your terminal server as an administrator. You will have full access to the terminal server, able to install and change Windows components, copy data between your local computer and the terminal server, and install applications.

To access your local computer from the terminal server, click on ‘Start’ then ‘Computer.’ ‘Local Disk C’ is the drive of the terminal server. All the drives in the other section are the drives on your local computer. To copy files, simply drag and drop them from the local disk to the ‘Local Disk C’ on the terminal server. Before installing an application on the terminal server, copy the installation files from the local computer to the terminal server and then run the installation from the copied files on the terminal server, otherwise the installation can take a very long time or fail if the connection is interrupted. After installing applications on the terminal server, email to open a ticket to create the InfiniteApp applications. In the email please provide the name of the application on the terminal server that you want created in InfiniteApp. When finished working on the terminal server, click ‘Start’ then ‘Log Off.’ After logging out of the terminal server, click on the ‘Log Off’ button to log out of the InfiniteApp portal.

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