In Latest Company Expansion, Infinitely Virtual Establishes All-Flash Data Center in Phoenix

Extending our robust growth, we at Infinitely Virtual have announced that we are building a fast, secure, data center in Phoenix, architected around our new Juniper and AMD platforms implementing IV’s E.V.E. strategy and featuring all-flash tiers 1-3. The Phoenix Data Center is scheduled to fully come online in September.

At the core of the Phoenix DC is E.V.E. 3.3, our proprietary Enterprise Virtualization Environment, along with support for IV’s four-tier storage model from day one. Tiers 1-3 will implement an “all-flash” SSD system; Tier 4 will remain on spinning disk. Tiers are separated by speed, Tier 1 being the fastest (Higher IOPs) and Tier 4 being ideal archive storage.

“The Phoenix Data Center is a testament to IV’s growth, dynamism and customer focus,” says Adam Stern, CEO and founder. “As we have in Boston, we’re adding value to our infrastructure and future-proofing our customers’ investment. The Phoenix Data Center upgrades our capabilities significantly, in areas that range from performance to storage capacity to security and more.

“While our roots are in Southern California, we’ve been fortunate to experience sustained growth and to gain a truly global footprint,” Stern says. “We regard expanding to Phoenix as a vote of confidence in our model of meeting the hosting and infrastructure needs of small and midsize businesses.”

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