Infinitely Virtual Boosts Compute Power Available to Small and Midsize Businesses – At Virtually No Increase in Cost

At Infinitely Virtual, a major upgrade to a product like VMware vSphere, the world’s most widely deployed virtualization platform, is a momentous occasion. It’s an opportunity for our small and midsize business customers to take advantage of significantly more compute power at essentially no increase in cost.

vSphere 5.1, the latest from VMware, delivers that power in a remarkable number of ways. Here’s what’s new and what it means to you:

oThe new VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 enhances uptime, performance, security and the level of access you get to manage your infrastructure. This timely and strategic update addresses critical needs in the areas of storage, networking, security and availability. With the virtual model, stability and scalability are absolutely paramount. VMware’s newest offering delivers both, underscoring the increasingly strong case for cloud migration.

Key advancements in VMware vSphere 5.1 include more powerful virtual machines (VMs), more innovations to help you avoid unplanned downtime, and more robust networking capabilities. VMware vSphere 5.1 will support virtual machines with up to 64 virtual CPUs. To keep these VMs running round the clock, VMware has enhanced VMware vMotion® to enable live migration of VMs without the need for shared storage.

oOur deployment of vSphere 5.1 also enables us to offer small and midsize businesses Windows 2012 (all plans) and Windows 8 (upload and self-install only) within a virtualized environment. In addition to bringing the significant capabilities of both flavors of Windows to you, we’re delivering, through vShield, improved scalability, performance, and increased logging and reporting. The takeaway is a qualitatively better user experience – one that is both seamless and cost-effective. vShield Manager 5.1 provides firewall protection, traffic analysis, and network perimeter services to protect the virtual infrastructure.

oFinally, we are poised to introduce larger and clustered Self-Managed Firewall Options with multi-interface support and enhanced load-balancing features, all based on VMware vShield 5.1 technology. Now, you have a choice of four options — Compact, Compact Clustered, Large, and Large Clustered – based on the level of performance you need. If you’re using our vShield product, you can now have a clustered product that is self-managed – that is, you can configure it yourself.

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