Infinitely Virtual Reports Record Growth; Sales Up 100 Percent in 2011 as SMBs, VARs Quickly Integrate Its Virtual Server Cloud Hosting Platform

Small and Midsize Businesses Respond to Low-Risk, Scalable Turnkey Solution, Embracing State-of-the-Art Cloud Computing Without Hardware Headaches

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (January 25, 2012) – Infinitely Virtual, a provider of virtual server cloud computing services for businesses, today reported record growth in 2011, as entrepreneurial businesses responded to its ability to deliver customized server hosting with minimal investment risk, combined with maximum performance and round-the-clock customer care.

Infinitely Virtual doubled in revenue from 2010 to 2011 and expects revenue growth of 70 percent in 2012, with a projected 33 percent ROI this year, according to Adam Stern, Infinitely Virtual founder and CEO.

“We’re experiencing record growth despite the economic downturn because we’ve cut through the hype of cloud computing to deliver to customers what they actually need: virtual server hosting at a higher performance level than others in our space,” Stern said. “Our scalability translates directly to our customers’ ability to grow their businesses seamlessly and cost-effectively. We achieve that for customers through our approach to ‘offsite virtualization’ – that’s what ‘turnkey’ means to us.”

For Infinitely Virtual, growth has been powered by a combination of direct, e-commerce sales and value added resellers (VARs). The company specializes in providing hosted infrastructure technology and services to small and mid-size businesses.
“VARs who seek to meet the overall IT needs of companies recognize how easily we integrate into any larger IT platform,” Stern said. “We’re an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) company, so we give IT professionals an opportunity to design and develop cloud-based systems with a level of flexibility they simply can’t get elsewhere. “

Because Infinitely Virtual is hosted and scalable, IT managers can work in its virtual server environment at very low monthly expense. “In this time of tight budgets, finance managers want low-risk investments that deliver genuine return on investment,” Stern noted. “We offer an economical solution that CFOs appreciate, given that we bypass the entire subject of capital expenditures, depreciation and obsolescence.”

“We’ve built our business around providing our customers with rock-solid infrastructure technology and services that not only let them sleep at night but that actually help them grow,” said David Moran, Systems Administrator, Optiem. “Infinitely Virtual has been an ideal partner, because the company recognizes that rapidly expanding enterprises need to deploy server solutions that are nimble and secure.”

For much the same reason, online sales are growing rapidly. “Our online customers are technologically savvy and want to get what they need in terms of virtual server capability without a long sales cycle, and at a cost they can live with,” said Infinitely Virtual’s Adam Stern. The company provides a menu of options to fit small and mid-market businesses, whatever their size or compute requirements.

While Stern expects the buzz — and confusion — around cloud computing to persist, he noted that Infinitely Virtual is committed to removing the layer of haze between the computer and the product. “Our customer base is growing because we give them a clear choice: virtual server capability backed up by advanced tech support so the transition to cloud computing is as seamless as possible,” he said.

Central to that is eliminating the roller coaster ride of investing in old-school hardware-based systems that, in short order, are neither a for fit the customer’s evolving needs nor even technologically relevant. Said Stern, “done correctly, going to the cloud and to virtual hosting stops the ‘IT roller coaster ride’ and moves enterprises to a much more financially and technically sound platform.”

About Infinitely Virtual
Infinitely Virtual is a leading provider of high quality and affordable virtual server technology, capable of delivering services to any type of business, via terminal servers, Sharepoint servers and SQL servers – all based on Virtual Dedicated Servers. The company was established as a subsidiary of Altay Corporation, and through this partnership, Infinitely Virtual provides customers with expert 24×7 technical support. With an innovative approach to virtualization – one that includes reliance on its IaaS and SaaS tools for its own operation — Infinitely Virtual provides aggressively priced options that competitors simply cannot meet. More information about Infinitely Virtual can be found at: or call 866-257-8455.

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