Infinitely Virtual Teams with Adirondack Solutions, Enables Leading Education Sector Software Provider To Offer Cloud Hosting

Top College Housing Suite Now at Home in Virtualized Infrastructure

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 12, 2015) – Leading cloud server provider Infinitely Virtual today announced a strategic partnership with Adirondack Solutions, Inc. around hosted services for its line of best-in-class college housing and residential life management software.

Powered by Infinitely Virtual, Adirondack’s Hosted Services enables clients to place the maintenance and upkeep of all Adirondack Solutions products under a virtualization umbrella. Delivered with strict service-level agreements, Adirondack’s Hosted Services allows clients to take advantage of its software without having to worry about support, upgrades or uptime.

“When we founded Adirondack, our goal was to create a new model for college software providers,” said Bill Gunger, Vice President, Sales, for Adirondack Solutions. “Thanks to our strategic partnership with Infinitely Virtual, clients no longer need to think about things like networks, computers, backup and all the technical details that tend to bog them down. When using our various housing and residential life management solutions, our clients are able to work from anywhere, anytime, and we provide centralized support. It’s a proven way for our clients to save money, time, and staff resources.”

The company’s flagship product, The Housing Director, was designed by and for housing professionals. The optimum solution for the management of campus residential operations, The Housing Director is a powerful and customizable enterprise application while remaining easy to implement and use. Adirondack has expanded its family of applications to include conduct management, conference organization, parking operations, and a broad range of student services self-service web applications.

“Adirondack and our cloud server hosting environment are perfectly matched,” said Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual. “Each makes the other even more capable, providing higher availability to clients and extending the reach of an entire suite of college housing solutions. The physical data center is no longer a factor – Adirondack customers can increase or decrease bandwidth, right-sizing based on changes in business, and they don’t need to purchase servers or database licenses. That’s a recipe for sustained business growth.”

Adirondack Solutions will provide its clients with Infinitely Virtual’s Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.), a conceptual model of its state-of-the-art virtualization infrastructure. E.V.E. was designed with these goals in mind: 100 percent uptime; near-physical server performance; absolute data protection; support for high value custom services; industry cost leadership and industry environmental leadership.

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