Is Your Organization Required by Law to Have an Email Archiving Solution?

Strengthen Your Business with an Email Archiving Solution
Despite the advent of social media, instant messaging and other forms of electronic interaction; email remains the primary mode of business communication. Businesses rely on stable, efficient email to conduct day-to-day operations, and many organizations have discovered the need to develop an archiving strategy to address one of more of the following needs:
• Comply with government and industry regulations
• Meet legal requirements for potential litigation and legal discovery requirements
• Optimize email messaging system and storage
• Align with business continuity goals by enhancing email backup and disaster recovery
• Monitor email content in accordance with company retention policies

If your business faces any of these demands, it’s time to seriously consider implementing an email archiving solution.

Where to start and who to trust: An example of an email archiving solution
You know you need protection, but what company should you choose? Many companies are established and trustworthy providers of tools and services designed to complement email operations. Solutions follow one of two tracks: a hardware and software solution that must be installed and integrated into an existing email environment, or a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Several SaaS providers offer cloud-based solutions that feature unlimited email storage, management, and retrieval. Businesses that previously experienced the headache and cost of maintaining an on-site tape backup of email data and records can use an archiving solution to ease the burden and reduce costs. The service often includes safely storing email for future retrieval and examination, requires no additional hardware or software purchases, and replaces outdated, unreliable, and expensive tape technology with a powerful, efficient, cost-effective capability.

Safe, Efficient, Compliant
Businesses with an intelligent archiving solution experience reduced risk and can ensure full compliance with government and industry regulations. Auditable email records can help protect the company from legal liabilities. Several suppliers prevent email data corruption and message tampering. Each message–including metadata associated with the message– is serialized with a unique numeric identifier that prevents tampering or message deletion. This process complies with many government and industry requirements. Employees can quickly search through their archived email and related data in the event that the business receives a request for information for regulatory or legal purposes. Retrieving messages for review is simple and efficient. Most software provides powerful search functionality that enables users to quickly find as few as one email or as many as several thousand messages of interest.

Leading providers ensure that messages are secure. Messages pulled from the mail server are stored using a 256-bit encryption and are stored with read-only permissions. The supplier will back up every inbound, outbound, and internal email, and ensures that accurate copies of messages are created and verified before deleting the messages from your server. The service increases email security while improving business continuity by enhancing redundancy with complete email backup protection.

Increased Capacity; Reduced Headache
An archiving solution allows organizations to improve email efficiency, security, and accountability without the time and cost of an in-house solution. The service allows for unlimited centralized off-site email storage and helps organizations consolidate email profiles and data files, which decreases the size of internal Microsoft Exchange databases and improves performance. Those customers that choose a SaaS solution, as a result of operating in the cloud, organizations can eliminate the costs of unnecessary hardware, software, maintenance and support.

Many SaaS email archiving services guarantee unlimited cloud-based message archiving while also guaranteeing effective backup and availability safeguards. No matter if the situation results from an unexpected server crash, disaster, or planned downtime, the software backs up email data and makes it available when you organization recovers, removing an otherwise unnecessary kink in your business continuity procedures. As Software-as-a-Service, the archiving tool has no impact on Internet bandwidth, eliminates the need to load data onto an Exchange server for online import, and decreases the time it takes to perform import operations for large data stores.

Intuitive and Customizable
Most leading technologies provide a user-friendly interface that enables quick, accurate save and search processes and allows businesses to develop and schedule customized email automation tasks.

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