Keep Your Infrastructure Humming and Healthy with Citrix Netscaler and CloudBridge from Infinitely Virtual

As your organization grows, the last thing you want is for your IT infrastructure to limit your potential.

We at Infinitely Virtual, a leading provider of Cloud Server computing services, were thinking the same thing when we signed up to become a Citrix Service Provider. Being a Citrix Service Provider (CSP) enables us to use Citrix network appliances to offer our small and midsize business customers higher functioning load balancing and network connectivity.
What does this mean for you?

First, you can access some of the most capable network appliances on the market. Foremost among the offerings are Citrix’s Netscaler and CloudBridge appliances.

Citrix NetScaler service and application delivery solutions are deployed in thousands of networks around the globe to optimize, secure and control the delivery of cloud services and ensure a quality experience for all users, including mobile clients. NetScaler lets you take advantage of a wide range of advanced technologies that were previously available only to large public cloud providers.

Having fast virtual servers isn’t enough. When you need features like blazing fast connectivity between subnets, lightning load-balancing performance, firewall clustering, SSL VPN security or WAN acceleration, it’s smart to consider adding a Netscaler Appliance Hosting plan to your environment.

Likewise, adding CloudBridge — the leading WAN acceleration platform – at your site and in your hosting plan is an effective way to achieve local server performance from servers that are in fact offsite.

To provide a superior experience to users on LANs, WANs or at remote locations, Citrix CloudBridge takes industry-leading WAN optimization features and delivers maximum functionality in a unified platform. CloudBridge relies on a streamlined physical and virtual model that enables the solutions to grow with your network and cloud requirements.

NetScaler is available as a high-performance software-based virtual appliance. NetScaler VPX virtual appliances run as virtual machines (VMs) on popular hypervisors, allowing NetScaler to be provisioned on-demand using inexpensive, industry-standard servers. Infinitely Virtual offers an array of Citrix Network Appliance Hosting plans: Citrix NetScaler Standard, at $169.99 per month; Citrix NetScaler Enterprise, at $299.99 monthly; Citrix NetScaler Platinum, at $459.99 monthly; and Citrix CloudBridge, at $249.99 per month.

Finally, just wanted to share some exciting news: Infinitely Virtual has been named to the Ingram Micro 2013 SMB 500. The list celebrates the top 500 fastest-growing Ingram Micro U.S. channel partners focused on small and midsize businesses. Better still, we came in at number 15, having grown our business with Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor, by more than 1144 percent. Considering that Ingram Micro works with some 20,000 solution providers in the SMB sector, it’s a remarkable achievement – and we would be remiss if we didn’t express our thanks to you for helping to make this happen.

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