Looking Outside the Box, Infinitely Virtual Unveils Expanded InfiniteVault – Ultimate Cloud File Sharing for Business

Versatile Offering Delivers Expanded Capability, For Less – Users Can Access Organizational Data from Anywhere on the Planet

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (May 18, 2015) – In the belief that businesses need to think – and act – outside the box,  leading cloud server provider Infinitely Virtual today took the wraps off a major expansion of InfiniteVault, its popular file-sharing solution.

A virtualized variation on single-user products DropBox or Box, InfiniteVault goes those solutions one better, enabling business users to share files on all of their devices and PCs – seamlessly and securely.  InfiniteVault makes it safe and easy to “cloud enable” a desktop computer or server in minutes.

Infinitely Virtual’s versatile file-sharing solution now enables organizations to create “guest” accounts to share data with customers and/or vendors.  An accounting firm, for example, may want to exchange files with hundreds or even thousands of clients, and can now do so, via InfiniteVault – for free. By providing full integration between PCs and cloud computers, InfiniteVault users can share files with specific members within a team; every file open on that server will be distributed to team members.  InfiniteVault supports file and folder locking, and folder sharing, as options.

“It doesn’t matter how many users, locations or servers you have – with InfiniteVault, you can now access an organization’s data from anywhere in the world,” said Adam Stern, CEO, Infinitely Virtual.  “Users can leverage our infrastructure to deliver this kind of capability, achieving far greater security than with single-user products. And if you lose a device, you can wipe it remotely.  InfiniteVault simply does more, for less.”

InfiniteVault supports Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone.  Users have the option to skip software installation entirely and map a drive letter directly to InfiniteVault. Users who need to quickly download and open a file can use any web browser to do so.  Organization administrators maintain complete control over what is shared and with whom, managing user and team access through a simple web interface.  Flexible multi-organization support enables users to have sub-organizations with individual quotas and custom branding.

InfiniteVault is the only file sharing system fully integrated with Infinitely Virtual’s array of virtual terminal server products, including QuickBooks Terminal Server, QuickBooks Virtual Office Network, Virtual Terminal Server, and Virtual Office Network plans.  InfiniteVault protects all data with 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Vault servers reside on Infinitely Virtual’s exclusive Enterprise Virtualization Environment.

Under InfiniteVault’s tiered pricing plan, the more users, the lower the cost per user.  For five to one hundred users, per-user pricing is $8 monthly, dropping to $5 monthly for organizations with more than 100 users.

For more information, visit www.infinitelyvirtual.com/infinitevault.

About Infinitely Virtual
Infinitely Virtual is a leading provider of high quality and affordable Cloud Server technology, capable of delivering services to any type of business, via terminal servers, SharePoint servers and SQL servers – all based on Cloud Servers. Homegrown solutions include InfiniteVault, a business-class file-sharing product that enables seamless and secure sharing with third parties on all devices and PCs.  The company’s InfiniteProtect solution provides complete backup and disaster recovery for unlimited servers and computers, with unlimited backup retention.  Infinitely Virtual has earned the highest rating of “Enterprise-Ready™” in Skyhigh Networks’ CloudTrust™ Program for three of its offerings — Cloud Server Hosting, InfiniteVault and Virtual Terminal Server. The company was established as a subsidiary of Altay Corporation, and through this partnership, Infinitely Virtual provides customers with expert 24×7 technical support.  More information about Infinitely Virtual can be found at: http://www.infinitelyvirtual.com or call 866-257-8455.

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