Maximize Your Productivity: Run Microsoft Office 2010 on a Virtual Terminal Server

Microsoft Office remains the favorite productivity suite of today’s companies. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote and Outlook are industry standards for business users. The software powerhouse has worked diligently to continually develop tools that help employees work efficiently and effectively. Microsoft has released 14 versions of its Office suite since October 1990. Office 2010 includes many new features and enhancements, such as:

  • Enhanced design tools for managing visual content.
  • New collaboration options such as simultaneous authoring.
  • Built-in connections to social and business networking applications.
  • Improved visualization capabilities to augment data analysis.
  • Expanded libraries of templates and effects for customized videos and presentations.
  • Email tools reducing time to complete common tasks and review long threads.
  • Enriched interface allowing users to customize menu options, tabs, and commands to best-suit their workflows.

Adjusting to the Virtual Workplace

Companies are increasingly seeking mobile solutions for their IT needs, with many turning to virtual and cloud computing to support employees and reduce costs. Your company can maximize the power of Microsoft Office through the use of virtual terminal servers. You can utilize virtual email exchange, application, and web servers to allow employees to access applications and data at the office, their homes, or essentially anywhere they have access to the web. A virtual terminal server provides your company with the advantages of centrally deploying applications without the expense of building dedicated physical servers.

Foster Remote Collaboration in Word

Combine Word 2010’s advanced collaboration tools with the power, flexibility, and scalability of a virtual terminal server to allow employees in different locations to work on the same document concurrently.

Consolidate Multimedia Assets for PowerPoint

Use a virtual server to store video and graphic assets in a central location. Traveling employees can easily access important company materials to make last-minute revisions to business proposals and presentations, all from any web-enabled device.

Aggregate Excel Workbooks

Use a virtual private server to store company data and spreadsheets. Host all of your proposal budgets and company financials in one location. Provide targeted access to finance employees and consultants.

Centralize OneNote Resources

Use OneNote with virtual server hosting to promote online storage of informal meeting notes, useful for retrospectives, and brainstorming sessions. Use OneNote’s content management features to quickly organize and access relevant emails, notes, pictures, and text for upcoming planning meetings.

Access Email without a Hiccup

Connect to your Exchange server while at home or away on business without the need for additional VPN clients, multi-step logon processes, or less-than-appealing webmail alternatives. Enjoy the benefits of top-of-the-line Exchange Email Hosting without the cost to install, maintain, or manage your own Exchange Email server.

Reduce In-House IT Costs

  • Lower Equipment Costs. With Terminal Server Hosting, you no longer need to purchase expensive, beefed-up computers with additional memory and disk space. With terminal server hosting, the costs associated with purchasing, installing, and updating hardware and software decrease significantly.
  • Worry-Free Software Updates. Updates are installed automatically and in minutes rather than hours.
  • Enjoy Flexibility and Scalability. Customize the configuration of your virtual terminal server as needed. Add additional Microsoft Office users and licenses in hours, not days, and at a fraction of the normal cost.
  • Recycle the Savings. Reallocate space and human resources to other areas of your business, or use the savings to train employees to benefit most from the software you use.

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