Microsoft Lync: Staying Connected Has Never Been Easier

By Lisa Gecko

Lync 2010 is Microsoft’s latest instant messaging, presence, and collaboration suite. Available for the PC, the smart phone, and via web browser, Lync is designed to empower communication in the workplace. Its robust features along with an interface that is easy to use make Microsoft Lync essential for online communications. Lync enables face-to-face quality communications in the network, with rich audio and video streams. It also enables the use of Microsoft Office applications when communicating over your network.

Attempting to collaborate and communicate with others over the internet can be complicated and problem prone process. Getting an exact thought or idea across to a colleague over the network can be difficult. Virtual communication is much simpler, easier, and flexible with Lync. A conversation that was started via instant message can, with the click of the mouse, turn into a voice conversation, or a video conference. A few more clicks and that same conversation can launch a whiteboard for brainstorming. And sharing your Desktop and other applications has never been easier than with Microsoft Lync.

Lync shares the same contacts as other Microsoft programs including Outlook, and there is no difficult set-up that requires time-consuming sending and receiving of invitations. In addition, contacts from social media can be added through Microsoft Lync so that new users can be added without leaving the program.

Microsoft Lync is highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific network communications needs. While it can be used to connect those working together from all over the world, it can also be loaded on a network that is inaccessible from the web so that employees can collaborate on sensitive projects without fears of security breaches.

Microsoft Lync is known for its stability. Dropped signals or freezes are a thing of the past. Even in highly congested networks, Lync’s Call Admission Control is able to actively adjust bandwidth utilization for continued smooth communication.

Lync includes support for common calling features such as, answer, forward, transfer, hold, divert, release, and park, and extends these capabilities outside the office via secured internet access without requiring a VPN connection. And with Lync running on the cloud, every interaction is a near face to face meeting. Network conversations with Lync include high-resolution video, application, and desktop-sharing and it enables full presence meetings without the need for a physical trip.

And for the first time ever, you can now add needed context to communications by utilizing Microsoft Office applications within a single application. Lync provides a visually compelling communications experience with the consistent look and features of Microsoft Office and other Microsoft business applications, including color-coded presence icons, pictures, high-resolution video, and desktop sharing. And Lync enables employees to stay connected from virtually anywhere with a single experience across PC, phone, or Web browser interfaces. This allows users the choice to connect from many devices.