No Better Time to Touch the Cloud™ — New Plans Offer TSplus As Option to All Terminal Server Products

A sage once said that any sufficiently advanced technology is “indistinguishable from magic.” In that spirit, we make it a habit to listen to customers, understand their pain points and, in response, offer versatile solutions that fix some very real problems. When those solutions help deliver a better experience across the board, they do indeed seem magical.

That’s where TSplus 7.3, a new add-on to all plans that include Terminal Server, fits in. It’s all about making remote access secure, seamless and speedy.

The TSplus enhancements encompass a raft of features designed to make Terminal Server more effective – from the best application streaming environment for Macs to client-less access with any HTML5 browser, including iPads and Androids. The days of waiting for downloads are over; you can open Microsoft Office documents automatically on the client computer. Plans include universal print drivers, a Citrix-like web portal, and support for a remote desktop client. You can load-balance up to 20 servers and easily customize the portal.

And by connecting to your terminal server with a touch-enabled Windows 8 computer, you can literally Touch the Cloud™, interacting with your applications as though the applications were installed on a local system — with just the touch of a finger. We support any version of Windows, Mac, iPad, Android and Chrome, and every plan supports connecting with either a remote desktop client or Internet Explorer. You have a choice of streaming the entire desktop or just the applications.

Bottom line: you can now work from more devices more easily, with whatever browser you currently have. Ease of use is absolutely paramount, which reflects our belief that you should be able to deploy and execute existing applications remotely, without the need for armies of “experts” or expensive server-based architecture.

We’re delighted to be able to work with Denver-based TSplus International (, the result of a partnership that we announced last spring. Since 1996, TSplus International has specialized in remote-access technology, continuing to expand its experience and expertise in deployments of all sizes, up to 35,000 concurrent users.

TSplus enhancements are priced as low as $3.49 per user. We think there’s a bit of magic in that, too.

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