Now Everyone Can Work Remotely from an iPad

As businesses expand globally, they recognize that having a competitive advantage means supporting a mobile workforce from any location on any device. Using a Smartphone for remote access to a desktop is one alternative, but the small screen is hard to work from and although more conducive to working efficiently, laptops can be cumbersome, especially for workers that travel extensively. Tablets, such as the iPad, are smaller and more lightweight than a laptop and are easily portable. And with Apple reporting 15 million iPads sold since the device was released in April 2010, workers are no longer tethered to their desks to get work done.

Looking into Your Desktop Window
With tech companies now supporting remote access for the iPad, users can get to their desktop programs and files anytime, anywhere. If your company has sales and operations divisions you know how crucial it is for your staff to have real-time access to resources and information as well as cutting edge support and technology from your IT department. With the iPad, your employees can share company-stored information at conferences, presentations and events or show a new client a new design. The iPad coupled with remote access enables your sales staff to move their sales pitch into a conversation and eventually a sale; the tablet has the capability to serve as a portfolio, a presentation device, and even as a point of sale tool.

An example of a type of company that would benefit from workers using the iPad and remote desktop would be an insurance company. Representatives can work on claims efficiently by using their iPads for damage assessment. The rep writes up a report and instantly transmits it to the home office for the next stage of processing. There’s no waiting until the employee returns to the home office to file a claim; this real-time processing eliminates reports that previously relied on recollected information, which can cost a business time and money if it is inaccurate. It also promotes positive experiences for customers as reports are filed in a timely manner.

Access Without the Aggravation
Efficiency is further enhanced with the iPad as workers can now multitask between their iPad apps and desktop without having to log off to generate files for a client meeting. The iPad allows you to remotely initiate intensive data processes using just a few bytes. The iPad also lets you stream live multimedia, music or videos or manage remote audio and web cams located on your desktop. Additionally, businesses could see substantive cost savings related to software. Employees have access to expensive applications on their iPads without a company investing in more copies or licenses.

The business office has changed; there’s no longer anything standard about where, when, how or on what devices employees work. Simply installing a remote access app (Remote Desktop Protocol or Virtual Network Computing) on an iPad lets employees boot up, access the desktop and immediately be productive.