Infinitely Virtual Successfully Migrates NTD Architecture to Dedicated Exchange Hosting Solution

LOS ANGELES–November 17, 2010—Infinitely Virtual is pleased to share the success story of a client, NTD Architecture, and how Infinitely Virtual’s solutions met their virtualization needs.

When Marshall O’Keefe found Infinitely Virtual, his organization, NTD Architecture, had an aging Windows 2000 network running Microsoft Exchange 2000. O’Keefe desired to upgrade his organization to Microsoft’s most advanced email system to-date: Exchange 2007.

Upon learning of NTD Architecture’s business needs, Infinitely Virtual designed a Dedicated Exchange Hosting solution with the Platinum+ Privately Hosted Exchange and Site-to-Site IPSec VPN to tie their remote site to a private VLAN. With this design, NTD would have a single Active Directory, and users at connected sites would be able to login directly to the Exchange system without using Outlook Anywhere. Additionally, Infinitely Virtual was able to guarantee a seamless, mailbox-by-mailbox, migration from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2007.

IV engineers also designed a migration that allowed NTD to migrate their 200 mailbox system slowly over an extended period of time, ensuring that users would not experience any down time or mail flow issues. After upgrading their AD controllers, the next step was to establish connectivity between NTD’s newly upgraded AD controllers and their new private VLAN in Infinitely Virtual’s Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.).

IV built IPSec tunnels between NTD’s two largest sites and their new VLAN. Once complete, Infinitely Virtual created a custom Dedicated Exchange Hosting system integrated into NTD’s Active Directory. Once tested, Infinitely Virtual began migrating mailboxes over-the-wire. All data was moved seamlessly from NTD Architecture’s legacy Exchange servers to the new system.

Benefits of E.V.E.
• 100% Customer Uptime
• Near-Physical Server Performance
• Absolute Data Protection
• Support for High Value Custom Services
• Industry Cost Leadership
• Industry Environmental Leadership

“NTD’s seamless migration is just one example of how Infinitely Virtual was able to quickly and efficiently virtualize a company’s servers using EVE and our excellent products. We are committed to providing the best service available no matter what the company’s needs,” says Adam Stern, President and CEO Infinitely Virtual.

The successful migration of NTD Architecture to Infinitely Virtual’s E.V.E. shows the power and flexibility of IV’s Privately Hosted Exchange offering. Organizations of all sizes can take advantage of Microsoft Exchange 2007 or 2010 without requiring a massive investment in equipment or software.

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