The Virtual Office Network

Your office network needs to provide access to mission critical applications and data, enable users to share information and work together, and be available 24 hours a day to users both local and remote. When working properly, the network should operate transparently.

Unfortunately, maintaining an office network requires up-to-date hardware and software, security, space and power, installation, deployment, and support from IT personnel available 24 hours a day. All this means that even the most well-designed network is far from invisible.

The Virtual Office

A virtual office network (VON) is a computing environment that can be accessed any time and from any place through an Internet connection. Taking your office network virtual offers many benefits, which includes giving users complete access to compute resources regardless of their location. A VON un-tethers workers from the office, enabling you to space and time shift your personnel; your users can work from homes or offices literally around the globe, whether the office is open or closed. This leads to both increased flexibility and lower fixed costs. Close down or reduce office space. Add a surge capacity by hiring consultants. Or utilize experts from anywhere in the world.

Creating a virtual office can unleash your company’s potential, but installing and managing a virtual network will compound your infrastructure and personnel requirements. The costs could outweigh the benefits.

Hosted VON

A hosted VON service allows you to eliminate the costs associated with going virtual, and in many cases, of having an office network in the first place. Hosted VON offers all of your users, regardless of location, connectivity to your organization’s applications and data without the burden of maintaining your own IT infrastructure. With the service provider taking care of installation, upgrades, maintenance, security, and resource management, your network can operate at peak efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—giving all your employees, remote and local, the ability to work efficiently.

With hosted VON, you can increase your company’s scheduling and hiring flexibility, eliminate downtime due to network issues, and eliminate the cost of obsolete equipment and software.

Looking for a Solid Deal in the Virtual World

Small and medium businesses need all the compute resources that a Fortune 500 company does, but they do not have the financial resources or in-house talent required to install and maintain them. A company may have a seasoned IT department, but the advent of remote and mobile workers increases the burden on those resources unduly. Businesses with multiple offices, including those whose offices move regularly, like construction firms, may have issues with continual network setup and breakdown and a lack of standardization.

If any of these describe your company, a hosted VON from Infinitely Virtual could be your answer.

Get Your Virtual Office Network with Infinitely Virtual

Infinitely Virtual offers inexpensive, all-inclusive VON Standard and VON Premium plans featuring Microsoft Windows 2008 technologies and includes Microsoft Windows Terminal Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. Plans scale from 3 to 1000 users. Add technologies like IPSec VPN, and IV will integrate a VON with your existing office network, giving you seamless access to resources both in and out of the cloud.

If you’d like to find out more about getting your own virtual office network, call (866) 257-8455 or go to We can show you how a hosted VON can help your company go virtual.