Flexible Hosting with vSphere

Hosting companies are famous for offering rock bottom deals—loads of space for next to nothing. But often, those “deals” come at a high price, requiring a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t work for today’s high energy, fast-reaction time companies.

With VMware’s vSphere, virtual hosting companies can offer additional operating systems, more than any other hypervisor, and the opportunity to use the latest cloud computing concepts like chargeback applications and Open Virtualization Format vApp to make your environments as versatile as your company needs to be.

Operating System Choices and vSphere

By using vSphere as your virtualization platform, you get fewer restrictions on host and client operating systems. The latest VMware-supported operating systems include Asianux, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD, OS/2 Warp, Windows 7, Open Enterprise Server, and Solaris 10, adding to others that have been supported by VMware for years, such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, SuSE and NetWare.

À la Carte Billing with Chargeback Applications

A true cloud computing platform, vSphere supports the use of chargeback applications. Using a chargeback, a customer can pay just for the processing power, RAM, storage space, and networking they consume. That means that as the customer, you can slice the pie a little bit thinner when it comes to operating expenses, adding to the capital expenditure savings realized through virtualization. And if you are hosting applications for your customers, you have a new way to evaluate, measure and charge your customers for exactly what they use—no more choked applications during a sudden spike or punitive after-the-fact billing. You and your customers can both see exactly how much was used and when, reducing billing hassles. Conversely, your customers will be pleased to be charged less when their demand goes down.

And chargeback can help allocate resources and promote visibility into the costs of doing business within your own company, as well, by showing who’s using virtualization resources.

Maintain Policies and Service Levels with vApp

Run your applications securely with vApp, which enables the control of multiple virtual machine interactions, and even virtual machine creation at your own site, using the industry-standard Open Virtualization Format. OVF specifies and encapsulates all components of a multi-tier application, maintaining operational policies and service levels across the application. In the same way that a UPC bar code signifies all the information about a product, vApp contains all the policy standards defined by application owners, which the cloud operating system can automatically interpret and execute.

More Operating Systems and True Cloud Computing with Infinitely Virtual

To learn more about how VMware and the vSphere platform can offer you OS flexibility, versatile policy management, and chargeback billing, call (866) 257-8455 or go to www.InfinitelyVirtual.com. Let us help you create a custom-fit virtual network.