Upgrade Your Office Applications Free with Infinitely Virtual and OpenOffice.org

OpenOffice.org is the leading open-source office software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases. Recently acquired by Oracle, OpenOffice.org Productivity Suite is available for Linux, Windows, Unix, Sun Solaris, Apple Mac operating systems, and is completely free of charge for any use. While it shines as a productivity suite, it is probably best known for its compatibility with other applications, the ability to read files created by software such as Microsoft, WordPerfect, and Lotus 1-2-3, and save to those same formats.

One Download, One Product, Five Applications

OpenOffice.org was designed, developed, and implemented as a single piece of software with applications that work together as one product. OpenOffice.org is actively developed (with several releases every year) by a worldwide group who agree to make a tool that serves its purpose as efficiently and smoothly as possible. This means that the interface and user experience are consistent and easy to use, with the tools, such as menus, formulas, and context-sensitive help being usable in every application. You can even open any type of document—whether it’s a spreadsheet, html page, text document, database, presentation or drawing—from any one of OpenOffice.org’s applications.

With OpenOffice.org 3, you download a single installation package that provides Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, and Draw applications and includes .pdf file creation and the ability to add a growing variety of extensions.

The Applications Inside

Writer is a fully equipped word processor and desktop publisher with features like AutoCorrect, AutoComplete, AutoFormat, Styles and Formatting (a feature shared by all of the OpenOffice.org applications), Text Frames and Linking, Tables of Contents, Indexing, Bibliographical References, Illustrations, and Tables. While Writer maintains simplicity, so tasks like creating a list isn’t a chore, it is also powerful and stable enough to assemble image-heavy and complex books and brochures.

Calc is intuitive and easy to learn for beginners, but experts will also appreciate features that include Advanced DataPilot technology, Natural language formulas, an Intelligent Sum Button, a range of advanced functions, Styles and Formatting, and a Scenario Manager.

Impress uses 2D and 3D clip art, special effects, animation, drawing tools, and a multi-pane view to offer a creative palette for your high-impact presentations. With Impress, you can even share your presentation in .pdf, HTML, and Flash.

Base is the database tool that enables you to create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports, either using your own database or Base’s own built-in HSQL database engine. Base offers Wizards, Design Views, or SQL Views for beginning to advanced users.

Draw gives you the tools to make graphics, freehand drawings, flowcharts, and network diagrams. With Draw, you can manipulate objects, rotate in two or three dimensions, use rendering to create photorealistic images, and use Smart connectors.

Compatibility Equals Capability without Licensing Worries

Your business can work with OpenOffice.org. Not only does it compare favorably to the most competitive commercial software on the market, it interacts easily with all of them, giving you the ability to open, modify, and save in the formats used by all the major office productivity suites.

Free and open source software means that you can offer your employees and your customers professional-grade applications at no cost, and with no licensing fees or time-consuming relicensing. This gives you the opportunity to pre-install it on your system, offer it in your marketing literature, and even ship it with your own materials, without mentioning OpenOffice.org at all.

OpenOffice.org Plus Virtual Terminal Server from Infinitely Virtual Means Business

When you purchase a Virtual Terminal Server from Infinitely Virtual, OpenOffice.org is pre-installed. With Virtual Terminal Server and OpenOffice.org, you get a system ready to work, combining a built-in productivity suite with the benefits of Terminal Server and virtualization—no hardware, no server administration—and get RAID-DP storage, six daily backups, a firewall, and antivirus protection.

To learn more about OpenOffice.org and virtual terminal server, call Infinitely Virtual at (866) 257-8455 or request more information at www.InfinitelyVirtual.com.