System Outage due to SAN component Failure

At approximately 4:12pm pm PST on January 26, 2009, our storage area network experienced a failure. During a routine enhancement to our fibre channel switching fabric, a hardware failure caused the SAN to stop passing data. This failure caused down time for those customers connected to our storage arrays, storage01 and storage02.

Immediately after the failure, our engineering team isolated the problem and fixed it. Unfortunately, by that time, all virtual servers had gone into a powered down state. Once the SAN was up, the cluster automatically began powering on the servers. The majority of the servers on storage01 and storage02 were back up and running within the hour. However, those servers running Exchange 2007 required additional maintenance to get their information stores back online.

As a part of our process, we will be looking into how this failure occurred. Please accept our apologies for the outage.

Please take some time tomorrow to make sure your server is running properly. If you have any questions, please let me know.