Be a Part of the Virtual Dedicated Server Revolution – Become an Infinitely Virtual Reseller

If you are interested in enhancing your portfolio of products and services, increasing your sales revenue, and you think that server virtualization is the wave of the future, you should consider becoming an Infinitely Virtual Partner.

As a partner with Infinitely Virtual, your company can tap into a whole new revenue stream, just by doing what you do already. With no start-up costs and high margins, any company can begin making money immediately, while larger VARs and hardware resellers can use IV’s services to offer existing customers a unique set of services, as well as attracting new business.

Three Partner Levels

We have three programs designed to fit your organization. If you are looking to enhance your sales portfolio, one of our partner programs is a perfect fit.


You’ve got a list of products and services, a well-oiled billing department, and an experienced technical support staff. You can enhance your service offering by adding Infinitely Virtual’s services to your own as a value-added reseller.

As an independent IVVAR Partner, you’ll offer products and services built on the foundation of the Infinitely Virtual platform. You’ll be able to take advantage of discounted plans and have deep access to our virtualization infrastructure and your customer’s virtual machines in order to serve their unique requirements. In addition, you’ll be able to purchase CPU reservations, RAM, and monthly transfer in bulk, and allocate your selected resources among your customers.

You’ll be able to set your rates and bill your own customers, and we’ll bill you, at a discount, for the products and services you sell. Your company will provide all support to your customers. As an IVVAR Partner, you’ll be required to provide a value-added service or product to our platform.


Your company has the technical know-how and the staff for billing and support, but you’re looking for services to fill out your portfolio. Infinitely Virtual’s OEM partner program allows you to sell and rebrand our services as your own.

The IVOEM partner program is designed for companies that wish to privately label products and services. As an OEM partner, you’ll be entitled to discounted plans, and you’ll have enhanced access to the Infinitely Virtual platform so that you can manage your customer’s virtual machines directly. You’ll also be able to buy CPU reservation, RAM and monthly transfer in bulk so that you can allocate those resources to your best advantage.

As an OEM partner, you’ll set your own rates and bill your customers, and we’ll bill you, at a discount, for the products and services you use. In addition, your company will provide all post-sales technical support.

IV Reseller

Your company is lean and your resources are focused on sales, so you don’t have the time to bill or support additional customers, or an interest in creating your own server farm. Your company is the perfect fit for the Infinitely Virtual Reseller program.

The IV Reseller program is designed for companies that wish to sell Infinitely Virtual products and services under the IV brand. Increase sales immediately, with each transaction resulting in increased monthly revenue. All billing and post-sales support is provided by Infinitely Virtual, so you can do what you do best—make sales. And we just send you a check every month.

Offer Your Customers Great Products

With Infinitely Virtual, you’ll be able to offer your customer products that stand out in the hosting industry, including Privately Hosted Exchange (PHE) with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2007, Virtual Terminal Server (VTS) with Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 Terminal Server, and Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) with either Windows or Linux operating systems. Your customers can take advantage of great options like daily backups, hardware firewalls and built-in antivirus protection.

Give Your Company an Edge with Hardware-based Virtual Servers

As an IV Reseller, you’ll be able to offer a wide array of products without incurring the upfront costs required to build an enterprise data center. You’ll also be able to choose the level at which you want to support your customers after the sale. Your company will have unique access to an innovative, hardware-based virtual infrastructure that allows you or your customers to access virtual machines over the web using our Virtual KVM; the ability to reboot virtual servers; and access to performance charts based on server statistics.

Join the Revolution

As a reseller or partner with Infinitely Virtual, you get a shopping list of benefits: continuous revenue stream, more servers for less money, unique reseller and customer features that help you sell more, and a great partner to help you win new business. And the future will be even brighter: Infinitely Virtual continues to innovate, searching for new ways to consolidate servers, increase server utilization, and reduce costs.

To become an IV Reseller, IVVAR or IVOEM partner, submit an application, or learn more about our unique offering at