Protect Your Hosted Servers with Juniper’s Perimeter Antivirus by Kaspersky Labs

Antivirus protection prevents, detects, and removes malicious software, also called malware. Malware includes threats such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, adware, and spyware. Antivirus protection can be installed anywhere in the network, but is most efficient when implemented at both the perimeter firewall and the endpoints, such as desktop and laptop computers.

Security at the Firewall

Having antivirus protection at the perimeter firewall, rather than just on servers or endpoints using software-based solutions, is good for both saving costs and maintaining security. You can rely on perimeter antivirus on the firewall to protect your network and save money by keeping your bandwidth use down.

Integrated Security from Computer Protection Experts

A firewall performs many necessary security functions: intrusion detection, stateful packet inspection, network address translation, policy enforcement, and VPN tunneling. Though independent of antivirus protection, these jobs are consistent with the security you need from antivirus protection. Firewall manufacturers work with the best antivirus companies to bring you integrated, seamless security against viruses, worms, and other malware. This suite of protection—firewall and antivirus together—is referred to as Unified Threat Management.

Efficient Security Increases Network Performance

Perimeter antivirus stands as a central signature and heuristics engine that allows hourly updates, as well as streamlined installation and update management. It also gives IT a tool for creating and enforcing policies at the most basic level, making antivirus effective, yet invisible to end users. This takes the load off your servers by providing bandwidth-saving, centralized updating and variable scanning. All this is controlled by experts in security who understand how to balance risk against system performance. The hourly updates also provide an added security bonus—faster updates reduce the window of vulnerability to emerging threats.

What is the Best Way to Implement Antivirus Protection?

Antivirus software protects using two different basic methods: signature-based detection and heuristic detection.

Signature-based detection identifies viruses and other malware by comparing the contents of a file to a list of signatures. Good signature detection searches inside files to look at embedded files. This method can only be used on known threats, and requires frequent updates to remain viable.

Heuristic detection can be used to identify unknown viruses, sometimes called zero-day threats. File emulation is an approach that executes a suspected program in a virtual environment and logs what actions the program performs.

The only way to properly implement antivirus protection is to protect both the entry point to your network, the firewall, and your endpoints, such as servers, computers, and laptops with protection that defends you by deeply searching all inbound traffic via a firewall-based antivirus solution, and maintaining a complimentary (but not identical) solution locally. This is especially important when using laptops and other computers that travel outside your protected network.

How Infinitely Virtual, Juniper Networks, and Kaspersky Labs Protect Your Business

Infinitely Virtual chose Juniper Networks and its firewall-based antivirus solution from Kaspersky Labs to provide the best protection without sacrificing virtual server performance. Your virtual servers are protected from intrusion, viruses, and malware from the outside. This includes that carried over email and web traffic, the most common malware attack vectors, all without slowing down or crowding out the traffic you need to do business on your virtual servers.

Infinitely Virtual’s Perimeter Antivirus Will Work for Your Business

Perimeter antivirus works for your business, providing cost effective security without sacrificing preformance. To find out more about perimeter antivirus, IV’s firewall implementation, and how you can protect your company from threats when using a virtual server, call Infinitely Virtual at (866) 257-8455 or request more information at