System Status: Operational with Exceptions

June 25, 2010
Status System Notes
Normal vCenter vCenter is operating normally.
Normal Virtual Machines All VMs operating normally
Normal VMware Hosts All vmware hosts are operating normally.
Normal VMware Clusters All clusters operating normally
Impaired SAN Disk failure and raid reconstruction on storage01
Normal L3 Switches All switches operating normally
Normal Firewall Clusters All firewalls operating normally
Normal Internet Connectivity Internet connectivity is normal.

Notes: We have a disk failure on storage01. The disk is reconstructing on a spare, and performance for servers on this controller will be slower than usual. To see if you are affected, login to vSphere, select your server, click on the summary tab, and check which datastore you are on. The only VMs affected by this failure are those on storage01. Performance will only be impaired until the reconstruction is finished.