Psst – the Cloud is Easy. Just Don’t Let Vendors Get in the Way

Vendors know things.

They speak a special language, an information technology dialect that many indie game developers can’t fathom, but that they respect nonetheless – perhaps because it’s indecipherable. Game developers are turning to experts, after all, since cloud infrastructure is something in which they don’t specialize. They cut the vendor some slack; they reason that hardcore IT types aren’t really proficient in their domain, either.

What inspired this riff is “Complicating the Cloud,” a recent, insightful article by industry guru Jeff Kaplan. Kaplan makes a number of trenchant points, many of them coalescing around the idea that the vendor community has a vested interest in complexity. That meshes with my belief that it really is easy to get into the cloud — if the decision makers don’t allow the vendors to make it difficult.

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