Security: The Cloud’s Ace in the Hole, Not Its Achilles Heel And in Healthcare, the Cloud is Not Only Secure-It Costs Less

By Adam Stern | Healthcare Tech Outlook

In the cloud’s infancy, cloud hosting providers touted scalability, initial cost savings and speed. But the prospect of enhanced security in the cloud — indeed, that  the better cloud deployments now mean that data is safer in the cloud than on a typical unsecured desktop — has altered the conversation. So let’s put this canard finally to rest: “the cloud poses security risks.”

Your data really is more secure in the cloud than parked on equipment under someone’s desk. Any cloud provider worth its salt brings to the task a phalanx of time-tested tools, procedures and technologies that ensure continuous uptime, regular backups, data redundancy, data encryption, anti-virus/anti-malware deployment, multiple firewalls, intrusion prevention and round-the-clock monitoring. And that’s just for openers. 

“In cybersecurity terms, everyone is vulnerable; there’s no such thing as a completely secure environment, but there are procedures that can make user organizations more secure over time”

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