Stepping off the IT Roller Coaster and into the Cloud

At first glance, the concept of an in-house IT solution is alluring to most businesses. As technology has advanced and become more affordable, an increasing number of companies have invested the time, space, finances, and personnel necessary to maintain their own IT operations. Like an amusement park ride, these solutions look and sound powerful, fancy, and exciting. Unfortunately, many business leaders have experienced the downside to this IT “attraction.” Shortly after completing all of the planning, spending, hiring, and perhaps construction, the need to update, upgrade, expand, or repurchase equipment, software, and space becomes a nightmarish reality, a vicious three-to-five-year cycle that businesses find themselves repeatedly trapped in. Fortunately for today’s business leaders, the evolution of cloud computing offers a realistic solution to break the cycle and help businesses step off the IT roller coaster.

The Debate over Cost

Technology experts have long-debated cloud computing as a viable business solution. The debate often hinges on issues of cost savings and technological capability. Regardless of the exact figures, most studies show that cloud computing offers significant savings when compared to other business models. A typical cloud hosting provider offers a relatively inexpensive subscription-based service compared to the high costs of hardware and software purchases required for in-house setups.

Cost is only one of several important factors leaders evaluate when considering a shift to cloud computing. Many decision makers question their ability to control and scale their IT resources to meet their specific business needs. With the right provider, these concerns become non-issues.

Maintaining Control

Many business leaders incorrectly assume that a shift to the cloud means a loss of control over their equipment and software. Ironically, subscription-based cloud hosting can actually provide more control and flexibility.

Picture a decision maker with a traditional in-house setup. He walks into his own server room with the head of IT and the two create a list of necessary hardware and software changes. The difference with a cloud computing setup is that the manager accesses and makes changes online (many providers allow their customers to access virtual control panels to configure virtual servers to the desired specifications) instead of putting pen to paper, and instead of waiting a week to see updated, upgraded, or new equipment, his team could experience the benefits within hours with a cloud hosting plan. Those with security concerns can rest assured that the use of virtual dedicated servers ensures highly secured privacy and data protection. One would be hard-pressed to overstate the time, cost, and personnel savings experienced with a shift to the cloud.

Customization and Scalability in the Cloud

While the manager enjoys the same (or better) control over their resources, they can also appreciate the ability to develop a customized solution and multi-server configuration to handle shifting business needs. In addition, they can increase resources as necessary to accommodate additional users, increased web traffic or data transfer, new customers, and other business growth and changes. With a few mouse clicks, they could:
• Configure multiple servers to share excess RAM and CPU.
• Install third party applications.
• Upgrade a desired number of software licenses to a newer version.
• Setup additional Remote Desktop users.
• Increase software licenses.
• Add more memory, disk space, or CPU to a file server.
• Increase bandwidth.
• Add an Exchange server.
• Setup a customized Blackberry server.

Controlling, customizing, and scaling services is not only possible with cloud hosting; it’s simple and efficient. Eliminate the need to buy or upgrade expensive equipment. Reduce the staff time that is required to constantly research, install, update, upgrade, and troubleshoot. Minimize costs and headaches while staying on the cutting edge. Benefit from a subscription-based IT solution that is customized to meet your needs and budget.

A Painless Transition

As a subscription-based service, cloud computing can offer a welcomed exit off the IT roller coaster. The immediate cost savings and flexibility allow organizations to ease into a cloud hosting plan without requiring a major capital investment.

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