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System Status: Operational

Status System Notes
Normal vCenter vCenter is operating normally
Normal vCloud Director vCloud Director is operating normally.
Normal Virtual Machines All VMs are operating normally.
Normal VMware Hosts All hosts are operating normally
Normal VMware Clusters All clusters operating normally
Normal SAN SAN operating normally
Normal L3 Switches All switches operating normally
Normal Firewall Clusters All firewall clusters operating normally
Normal Internet Connectivity Internet connectivity is is operating normally

Notes:As evidence that this week’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack is waning, we at Infinitely Virtual experienced two incidents this morning, Pacific time – the first quite small, the second somewhat larger. No other attacks of note were recorded during the course of business on Friday, and we anticipate that activity will soon abate completely. Our understanding is that every customer is back up.

Anyone encountering a problem should open a new ticket or reply to an existing ticket, using our customer support email (support@infinitelvirtual.com).

We want to stress how much we value your understanding, your patience and your confidence in IV during this period. As we do throughout the course of business in times of success and stress alike, we remain a learning organization, and you can trust that we will continue to up our game to support our customers every step of the way.