System Status: Operational with Exceptions

July 05, 2018
NormalvCentervCenter is operating normally
NormalvCloud DirectorvCloud Director is operating normally.
ImpairedVirtual MachinesVMs running on storage controller stcl01-node01 are being restarted.
NormalVMware HostsAll hosts are operating normally
NormalVMware ClustersAll clusters operating normally
ImpairedSANstcl01-node01 is back online. Logs being reviewed to determine root cause.
NormalL3 SwitchesAll switches operating normally
NormalFirewall ClustersAll firewally clusters operating normally
NormalInternet ConnectivityInternet connectivity is operating normally

Notes: Operations VMs have been returned to normal operation. Engineers are using network performance monitor to determine which servers are still down. 80% of the VMs origninally reporting down are now responding to NPM. We are finding that, while VMs are showing up in NPM, they still need to be rebooted to ensure proper operation. Efforts to reboot all affected machines is ongoing.