System Status: Operational with Exceptions

November 13, 2019
NormalvCentervCenter is operating normally
NormalvCloud DirectorvCloud Director is operating normally.
NormalVirtual MachinesAll VMs are operating normally.
NormalVMware HostsAll hosts are operating normally
NormalVMware ClustersAll clusters operating normally
NormalSANPerforming emergency upgrade to stcl03 in Boston.
NormalL3 SwitchesAll switches operating normally
NormalFirewall ClustersAll firewall clusters operating normally
ImpairedInternet ConnectivityInternet connectivity is being targeted by the DDOS attack

Notes: As the Nov. 12 DDoS attack continues into the 13th, we at Infinitely Virtual are working closely with Oracle to limit its impact on our customers and arrest further escalation. Because we have taken aggressive measures to mitigate the attack, connectivity has been affected for some customers who appear to the mitigation system to be part of the attack. We can now whitelist IP addresses to circumvent this situation. If you would like your IP addresses to be whitelisted, please go to and email those addresses to

We want to reiterate that this was not a ransomware attack. At no time was any customer data at risk and our system was not breached. The attack was limited to disrupting connectivity.

Once again, thank you again for choosing Infinitely Virtual and for your continued support.