The #1 Trend that Will Shape the Cybersecurity Industry in 2021

Up till now, cybersecurity has largely been a reactive science. The usual process companies take to mitigate security threats starts with receiving feeds about potential cybersecurity dangers. Once we have the information, we then take action in order to thwart them. 

However, our actions are not proactive, but reactive, and not automatic, but manual. We’ve relied on antivirus, anti-everything, and hardened equipment as we learn about given threats, but never in advance. 

As we move toward 2021, one specific trend has emerged that will change the way we handle cybersecurity. Companies that embrace this trend will thrive in certain and uncertain times alike. Companies who remain shackled to the reactive practices will become more and more vulnerable to a successful attack as hackers become savvier at gaining entry to their network.

Proactive, AI-Driven Processes are the Biggest Trend in Cybersecurity for 2021

AI will change the way we do cybersecurity now and in the future. The industry is increasingly turning to AI to improve their cybersecurity strategies. These new tools and technologies learn and apply protections that are not determined manually. Through “event correlation,” they look at patterns and respond dynamically. Thanks to this evolving capability, AI is doing a better job of letting us block threats in real-time. It dramatically reduces our reliance on reactive tactics to stop attacker attempts. 

That’s especially critical as we confront and counter the specter of “deep fakes,” which spoof voice or video, either recorded or live. Just imagine an attack in which the hack involved impersonating a CFO and redirecting money or manipulating a stock price. The outcome could be devastating. 

Indeed, deep fakes may be the most important new threat within cybersecurity, and it’s one in which AI will play an enormous role in curbing – conceivably, even before ruinous attacks occur.

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