The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Construction Companies

Just a few years ago, only 16% of construction companies used cloud computing in their business. In 2020, that number has skyrocketed to 85% of companies who either use – or who shortly plan to use – cloud computing for their IT infrastructure.

This change is dramatic for a reason: nearly every industry is powered by cloud computing these days. To stay competitive, companies realized that they, too, needed to up their IT game with virtual servers and platforms that allow them the flexibility and scalability to grow their business.

In light of this year’s pandemic, cloud computing has become even more imperative, as it allows leaders and staff access to applications, files, and important data without entering the office. Employees are able to communicate within and across departments from anywhere with internet access via video conferencing platforms and various productivity applications.

While it is likely that most companies will eventually migrate all or part of their business to the cloud, why is it especially important for construction companies to do so? The short answer is that it is a proven way to better your business. The long answer is found in our list of cloud computing benefits for construction companies below.

Lower Overall Cost

Migration to the cloud is an investment in the future of your business. Not only does it help you stay competitive in your industry, but it also mitigates any unforeseen costs down the line. By migrating to virtual dedicated servers, you save yourself unplanned IT expenses such as broken equipment. With cloud computing, your costs are operational and fixed, rather than a capital expenditure.

Infinite Scalability

Internal servers can only do so much. When you run out of space, you have to buy another one. That’s not the case in the cloud. With private, public, or hybrid options available, you pay only for what you use, and what you use can increase at any time.

Easy File Sharing

Whether you’re in the office or abroad, you can access, send, and share files from the majority of devices. With internal servers, your files are tied to the hardware in the office, and depending on your platform, you may not be able to quickly or easily get files where they need to go.

Enhanced Security

Security is top of mind for most companies, as a data breach negatively affects client trust and company integrity. Virtual servers add extra protection for your sensitive data. At Infinitely Virtual, for example, we have designed our Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.) to provide multiple layers of redundancy, world-class anti-cyber attack technology, and 100% uptime to ensure that your data is not only safe, but that you can access it uninterrupted.

Remote Work Capability and Business Continuity

When you can’t go into the office, you still need to be able to work. That is the lesson that has been learned the hard way by many companies who did not leverage virtualization as part of their business continuity plan. While much of a construction company’s work happens on the job site, paperwork, accounting, and other office-related work still needs to get done.

Without virtualization, your office staff is unable to effectively work from home. While not all crises automatically means an office shut down, the pandemic has shown that anything can happen at any time, and it is important to prepare for any eventuality. If you can work in-house or remotely with the same level of relative ease, that’s a win-win.

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