The Cloud Dissipates?

Perhaps, but don’t cry for off-premises computing just yet.

Not to get political or anything, but we appear to live in disruptive times. It’s almost as if backlash is its own reward. Seemingly nothing is sacred. The mood is feisty — and IT isn’t exempt.

In that vein, I’m fully expecting a cloud computing backlash, if it’s not already here. The backlash is less about architecture than about language. The fans of disruption will shift the terminology around — again. At the end of the day, off-premises computing will be combined with on-premises computing, based on different strategies and different types of companies — and they’ll keep doing that indefinitely. Whether it’s called “cloud computing” or not is irrelevant. The words change, and the technology for off-premises will continue to mature, and then be re-infused back into on-premises. It’s a bit like the space program, where NASA went to the moon and everyone got Tang; the spinoffs, in other words, are real.

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