Top 5 Concerns When Looking for Your First Cloud Infrastructure Partner – Part 3 of 5

Top Concerns of Companies Moving to the Cloud

• I don’t know how to move my application to the cloud.
• Will my application work in the cloud?
• Will it cost too much?
• Will my application and data be secure?
• What happens to my customers during the transition?

SaaS isn’t the future, it’s the present. By 2018 75% of software vendors were either pure SaaS or transitioning to it. If you’re not moving to SaaS by now, you’re falling behind your competition. To meet customer expectations, you can’t be the exception to the SaaS rule and expect to survive.

You have two options: deploy and manage a SaaS offering yourself or find a partner with a platform to do it for you. In the earlier days of SaaS, the path many software companies took was to try to build out their own delivery and hosting offering. There are reasons why most don’t do that today, and the primary one is the same reason your clients use your solution and don’t build it themselves. Successful companies stick to their strengths.

Managing and growing a SaaS deployment platform is not simple or easy. It is not the same as setting up a development, QA, or staging environment. Plus, there is more at stake when you move from supporting an internal team to your clients that bring in revenue. While you probably have IT staff that can set up servers and firewalls that is just the bare minimum to supporting a SaaS environment. Managing security updates, software platforms, up-time, performance, customer calls, case management, growth strategy, and disaster recovery, are just a few things that come into play that most organizations for which their staffs aren’t skilled.

That’s why most software vendors like you are looking to partner with an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. This partnership enables you to focus on building great software solutions while the IaaS partner provides the right infrastructure to maximize reliability and security while giving you the flexibility you need to grow your business.

Thanks for reading this excerpt from the Finding the Right Partner series. In the next edition, you’ll learn more about three types of infrastructure partners and how to pick the right one to fit your needs.

In our next post, we will be going in-depth about the different types of IaaS partners and the pros and cons of each. If you don’t want to wait for the series you can access all the content in one of two guides that we created. Click here to learn more.

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