Trends in Global Payroll—Seeing Through the Cloud

1. What role will the cloud play in the growth of global payroll during 2016 and beyond?
Given that the software provider market is home to a number of giant payroll processing companies and a great many second-tier players, look for the cloud to serve as an equalizer in 2016.

Small and/or niche companies increasingly will be able to compete favorably with the larger processors, which simply wasn’t true in the past. Thanks to the cloud, small and midsize payroll processors can draw on major league IT infrastructure without having to pay for it. They can effectively obtain the same access as the biggest of the big. By implementing the multi-currency/multi-country option within most SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) payroll packages, just about any payroll processor can serve companies with employees anywhere over the world—but that, thankfully, will become the state of the art in 2016.

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